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About Us

Quality Materials

Great care is given to the bottle flake to fiber process.

The most challenging aspect of manufacturing with recycled materials is the quality of these materials. We purchase flakes from all over the world, only from sources we know and trust.

The flakes are thoroughly tested and even washed again at our mills to ensure the best qualities of fiber.

Quality Process


Engineered to be different, our fibers are strong, soft and above all contain very low defect levels.

We are always exploring new ways to make our fibers greener and better. The only thing we don’t compromise on, is the quality.

Quality Service



The same level of attention is not only placed on our fibers but is extended to our service with clients. 

Changing from virgin to regenerated polyester staple fibers can be a time consuming process, so our engineering and international business teams work together with you through your transition.

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