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Non-woven polyester staple fibers

Our fibers have been tested and loved by non-woven material producers world wide. Our fibers are currently used in a wide range of applications and industries, such as industrial filtration, carpeting, felts, interlining, etc.


Most of our clients are willing to choose a more environmentally friendly fiber option given the same material quality. Consumers want green products, but processors are concerned with bad quality fibers. A number of opportunist traders have certainly helped to damage the public's perception towards regenerated fibers over the years. 


We want to prove that we are different. In addition to guaranteeing low defect fibers, we promise to work with you through out your entire adoption process, either if you're switching from virgin to regenerated, or from another supplier. 

polyester fiber for spunlace nonwoen
polyester fiber for needle punch
Spun lace

Spunlace applications for wipes. 

1.2, 1.4, 1.5, denier


32, 38, 41, 51, 64, 75 mm 

Needle punch, Thermobond


Thermobond and needle punch applications in interlining, filtration, carpets, insulation, geotextiles, etc. 

1.2 to 150D white, black and colors. 


Available options include, flame retardant, anti UV, anti static, permanent color. 


Low order sizes available. 


Low quality, low price options available

polyester fiber for automotive


Automotive specific fibers for carpets, insulation, headliner, trunk liner, etc.

1.5 to 15 denier fibers in white, black, gray, beige and other custom colors.

Available options include UV resistant, flame retardant, permanent color, etc. 


Large inventory, small trials can be acommodated. 

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