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Spinning polyester staple fibers

​Our dope dyed color polyester staple fibers deliver exceptional color fastness and processability with significant savings over chemically dyed fibers. 

High tenacity white polyester staple fibers replace more expensive virgin polyester fibers in high quality fabrics, napery and sportswear textiles. They can be spun with virgin polyester, cotton, viscose or other types of fibers. ​​​

color dope dyed polyester fiber
Yarns and threads

Ring, air jet or open end, we have fiber solutions for all your spinning needs. 


We have state of the art production lines for high tenacity fibers, and dedicated production teams for different fiber types and colors. 


Most common fibers specs are available in stock. 


Popular specs: 

1.2, 1.4, 1.5, 2.25D raw white, optical white, black and dope dyed colors.

durable textiles made with recycled poliester fibers
Home and hotel textiles


Polyester makes for durable material for textiles in hotels and homes. Dope dyed colors recycled polyester staple fibers have better color fastness than regular chemical dyes, and are able to be subjected to more wear and tear and more wash cycles. 

recycled polyester fibers are comfortable and versatile
Eco-friendly apparel

Did you know that one medium sized t-shirt can be made with 8 half litter water bottles?


JY fibers works with our spinning and apparel partners to bring environmentally friendly apparel to the store close to you. 


We work with world renowned certification entities to guarantee that the fibers you receive are from responsible and recycled sources. 

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